Crookz: The Big Heist


Realtime Strategy Game in the 70’s setting. (Windows / Mac / Linux)

Put on your best pair of flared-jeans, stick on the funkiest record you can find and begin a plot to form the elaborate heists that will fuel a whole era of hedonism. In Crookz – the Big Heist, you organise a band of fun-loving misfits and help them on their way to riches and debauchery by plotting high-risk heists and robberies with maximum reward. Utilise stealth, cunning and cool equipment like chloroform and camera jammers to craftily overcome the dangerous encounters found in this particular line of work. Every member of the gang has a different skill-set; so embrace their unique play-styles and approach each job creatively with a mix of quick-thinking and turn-based strategy gameplay.


My main task was to lead the art team, manage time and budget of asset production and to establish the overall mood, feel and look of the game. I did an extensive talk on Twitch about out process.(below)


  • art direction of the game
  • heading a team of 7 people (11 at crunch time)
  • manage the visual design and execution of new levels, characters and meshes
  • reviews of created assets and levels